Dominion plans to expand River City solar power

Proposed projects would build solar facilities in Powhatan and Hanover

A field of Dominion solar panels surrounded by sheep tending to the grass.

The grass surrounding Dominion’s solar panels is, on occasion, tended to by sheep — otherwise known as “lambscapers.”

Photo courtesy of Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy’s plan to expand its solar capabilities would bring solar power plants to Powhatan and Hanover and produce enough energy to power 200,000 homes.

The company is asking the State Corporation Commission for approval on six projects and 13 agreements to purchase power from independent solar facilities. If those are approved, Dominion would be able to provide 4,600+ megawatts of solar energy — that’s enough to power more than 1.1 million homes.

The proposed projects include a 5 megawatt facility on Peppertown Road in Hanover and a 350-acre solar plant in Powhatan off Cartersville Road. Other projects include facilities in Danville, Brunswick County, and the Northern Neck.

Dominion estimates construction will employ 1,600+ people statewide and generate more than $570 million for Virginia’s economy.

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