What are you thankful for in Richmond?

We want to know what readers are grateful for in the River City, whether it’s a walk along the James River or your morning latte at Urban Hang Suite.

A pumpkin pie with crust designed like fall leaves, a message written on top -- Let's Bake Things Better

We’re grateful for local bakers and seasonal sweet treats.

Photo by @arley.cakes

It’s the first day of November — aka National Gratitude Month — and we’re gearing up for a season of thankfulness.

Whether its talking a crisp evening walk through Maymont’s Garden Glow (open through Sun., Nov. 6), the first sip of a Legend Brewing Brown Ale, or a bike ride through your favorite section of the Virginia Capital Trailwe want to know what you’re thankful for here in the River City.

We city editors are thankful for a lot — our readers, the pot of tots at Sticky Rice, new exhibits at the VMFA, and the the opportunity to keep the River City informed for going on a year and a half now.

Send us your sentimental stories and we could highlight your gratitude in a newsletter closer to Thanksgiving. Plus, we’ve got dozens of seasonal events + fall features along the way.

Bonus: While you’re feeling gracious, check out our volunteer guide to donate your time, skills, money, or talents to 35+ local community organizations.

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