Virginia gets federal dollars to expand passenger rail service

More than $1.7 billion will be granted to help expand and speed service from DC to Richmond to Raleigh

Aerial Shot of Main Street Station Amtrak

Main Street Station hosted the Amtrak Board of Directors meeting on Dec. 1.

Photo by @aerowingva

Over the next several years, it should get easier and easier to travel the region by train. The federal Department of Transportation is using $1.7 billion to improve passenger rail service between DC, Richmond, and Raleigh.

The news comes after Amtrak hosted its public board meeting at Main Street Station at the beginning of the month. The event included an expo presentation from DJ Stadtler, Executive Director of Virginia Passenger Rail Authority.

Stadtler said the goal is to have nearly hourly service between Richmond and DC by the end of 2030.

Another part of the funding might make it possible to get to Charlottesville by train. The Commonwealth Corridor won a $500,000 planning grant to explore directly connecting Hampton Roads, Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and the New River Valley.

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