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New riverfront public park will protect “view that named Richmond”

Four acres on Dock Street will be permanently conserved and provide public access to James River


The new park will move the Capital Trail away from the street.

Rendering via City of Richmond

Over four acres of Richmond’s riverfront will be turned into a public park after its acquisition by The Conservation Fund, Capital Region Land Conservancy, and the City of Richmond.

The Dock Street Park parcel is a key piece of the River City’s history. It lies under Libby Hill, where in 1737 William Byrd II looked out over the James and noticed the similarity to the view of the Thames in Richmond, England.

Now, all aspects of “the view that named Richmond” will be protected from commercial development and open for public access.


Find this marker at Libby Hill Park.

Photo by RICtoday

Officials say the protection will also help maintain water quality by preserving the land’s ability to naturally filter runoff. The land will also improve the final section of the Virginia Capital Trail, which will be moved away from the street and onto the waterfront.

Plans for the Dock Street Park site include restoring native plants and riverside vegetation. There will also be a walking path connected to an existing dock. The new park will be adjacent to the James River Association’s river education center, which broke ground in May.

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