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Mammogram recommendations: What’s fact or fiction?

Radiologist Nicole Kelleher, MD, unveils the answers to questions she wishes every woman would ask about mammograms and breast health.

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RIC-VPFW mammogram-10.2.23

Virginia Physicians for Women (VPFW) offers mammography services in four locations in Richmond.

Photo provided by VPFW/by Natalia Sokhrannova

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, VPFW is diving into the facts (and the myths) around mammography — including what radiologist Dr. Nicole Kelleher wants you to know ahead of your screening.

Test your knowledge by taking a guess, then click to discover what’s fact or fiction:

Learn more about mammograms at VPFW and schedule a mammogram at one of their locations (West Creek, St. Francis, Prince George, or Koger Center) online or via phone: (804) 492-8047.

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Nicole Kelleher, M.D., is a breast radiologist at Radiology Associates of Richmond.

Photo by VPFW

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