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Everything you need to know about RVA 311

Richmond’s non-emergency call center responds to tens of thousands of requests a year.


The RVA 311 app will recognize where you are in the city to make a non-emergency request on-site.

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What do you do when you see a pothole, standing water, or a broken streetlight? Enter: RVA 311.

The city’s non-emergency line helps Richmonders navigate city services — whether you’re looking for a trash can replacement, want information about a tax deadline, need to report a damaged tree, or have one of dozens of other requests.

Mayor Stoney’s FY25 budget proposal includes $1 million for RVA 311 to make more improvements to the technology and increase staffing at the call center.

Using 311

For the traditional way, simply dial 3-1-1.

Note: This only works if you’re inside the City of Richmond. If you’re outside city limits, the number is 804-646-7000.

The call center hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Wednesdays, it opens an hour later due to a morning briefing.

You can access 311 at any time using the website or mobile app. By creating a free account, you can virtually search, make, and track the status of requests throughout the city.

Bonus: Poking around the map is a fun way to realize how many people are requesting trash cans on a given day. Richmonders love trash cans.

The map marks requests as assigned, in progress, and completed. When you go to make a request, check to see whether it’s already been reported — there’s no need to make duplicate requests for the same issue.

Pro tip: If you want to keep tabs on a request someone else made, click “follow this request” and you’ll get updates on its completion.


Assigned requests are in blue, in progress in purple, and completed in green on the RVA 311 website.

Screenshot via RVA 311.

How 311 works

If they can, the customer service representative will answer your question or provide you the information while on the line. If not, they will file your request to be addressed by the appropriate city department.

Keep in mind that some requests take longer than others to complete. You could get a new trash can within a few weeks, but a broken sidewalk will take more time.