5 Richmond-themed table topics this holiday season

Spread the holiday cheer by chatting with your family and friends about ongoing developments, future parks, and local history.

A collage of a Pulse bus, the Diamond, a container of Meat Juice, compost bins, and the TV Tower.

Get the table talking with these local topics of conversation.

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Dreading the debates and cringe questions that tend to take over holiday meals? Consider employing one of these five table topicsthey may just lead to your favorite conversation yet.

Oh, the places The Pulse could go 🚌

There could be a new Pulse-esque bus rapid transit line in the coming years. Where should it go? If you’re really dedicated, pull out the map and compare those possible corridors. Bonus: Several GRTC spots are prepping for a makeover.

Richmond’s unique histories 🍪

Share part of Richmond’s past with your table. Read up on the sweet history of the cookie factory or the savory story behind a local meat juice empire. If your crowd wants facts and figures, introduce them to the Richmond floodwall or the WTVR TV Tower.

Keep everyone com-posted 🌱

Richmond is piloting a citywide composting program. Your aunt who’s always talking about starting a pile would probably love to discuss it. You can also throw in the pro tip that public libraries have resources for gardeners.

Get a development discussion going 🏟

Catch up how the city’s skyline might change in the near future — from the ongoing Diamond District development to the City Center Innovation District and the initiative to reconnect Jackson Ward. Plus, new parks are on the horizon, like the recently acquired land along the Appomattox River in Chesterfield.

Which of Richmond’s Sister Cities would you visit? 🌎

Did you know our city has 5 international pals, which span from Saitama City, Japan to Ségou, Republic of Mali? Our oldest relationship is with our namesake, Richmond upon Thames, England. Check out the full list here and debate which place you most want to visit.

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