Richmond-owned grocery stores and markets

Stock up for Thanksgiving at these local favorites

Ellwood Thompson's Market in the background, a drink with its name in the foreground

Ellwood Thompson’s can be found near the Publix at the entrance of Carytown.

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Thanksgiving is just days away, which means groceries are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. If you want to celebrate Turkey Day the Richmond way — or if you’re looking to gobble more locally year-round — we’ve got you covered.

We’ve collected a cornucopia of local stores and markets where you can support River City makers, bakers, and artisans.

The Market at 25th
This spot offers online and delivery options for fruits, veggies, brand name products, not to mention sales for those using EBT/SNAP cards.

Strawberry Street Market
Stocking up on drinks for Thursday evening? Strawberry Street Market has a wide variety of wines, growlers, and six-packs to choose from. Or, stop by the fresh deli section, grab a coffee, or even stock up on household items and school supplies at this Fan favorite.

Little House Green Grocery
Local foodstuffs, a deli, and a specialty selection of wine, beer and gifts await you at this neighborhood market.

Libbie Market
Formerly Joe’s Market, this shop offers a full grocery experience, as well as a large collection of beer and wine.

Yellow Umbrella Provisions
This market just past Willow Lawn focuses on fresh seafood, deli meats, and special-ordered produce, wine, and baked goods.

Good Foods Grocery
Stop in to grab fresh produce and some household essentials, then duck into Gelati Celesti a few doors down for Thanksgiving dessert.

Stella’s Grocery
Born from the Greek restaurant of the same name on Lafayette Street, all six locations feature made-to-order sandwiches, adult beverages, gifts, and several Richmond-based treats.

The Mantu Market
The West End extension of the Carytown Afghan restaurant The Mantu, this market has Middle Eastern classics, spices, to-go meals, and fresh baked goods.

Union Market
This restaurant also functions as a market with takeaway sandwiches, cheeses, and meats.

Ellwood Thompson’s

This neighborhood market has served the community since 1989. Though it’s no longer locally owned, you can still find organic produce, desserts, or health supplements for when you’ve eaten yourself silly.

Got more groceries? Send us a message and we’ll add to these local locations dedicated to feeding Richmonders.

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