Remote work spots to make Richmond your office

From coffee shops to coworking spaces to libraries, here’s where you can set yourself up for work success.


Blanchard’s on Broad is laptop-friendly.

Photo by RICtoday

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If you’re part of the growing number of remote workers in the Richmond area, you might get tired of the home office setup.

If you’re looking for a fresh locale for a day’s work, here are our recommendations — plus an interactive map to see what’s most convenient for you.

Coffee shops ☕️

Richmond has plenty of local coffee shops — but here are our picks for shops that have free Wi-Fi, plenty of seating, and an ideal atmosphere.

Libraries 📚

Any public library probably will be suitable for a setup — not to mention other available resources — but here are our standouts.

Coworking spaces 💻

If you’re willing to purchase a membership, Richmond has several coworking spaces with amenities like coffee, printing, conference rooms, and booths for virtual meetings.

Miscellaneous 🖼

Working from a museum or grocery store means you can walk the galleries or grab that night’s dinner after your work day.

What remote work spaces did we miss? Let us in on your go-to spot.

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