Point 5, Richmond’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop, opens this Friday

Photo of a handwritten sign.

Point 5 will sell mixers, mocktails, faux alcohol + more non-alcoholic options.

You might notice a new, delicately written sign has popped up amongst the row of local restaurants + boutiques in Carytown. It’s a Richmond first: a fully non-alcoholic bottle shop.

Bright pink bottles of spirits

These spirits can add some extra spice to your home bar. | Photo by RICtoday

Run by real estate agent + mom Jody Sidle, the Point 5 storefront can be found just past Blackbyrd Goods at 3435 W. Cary St. The shelves are stocked full of beverages for guests in recovery, those looking to lower their alcohol intake, or for someone just looking for a new favorite.

Jody came up with the shop idea while quarantined at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She wanted to cut back on how much she was drinking during weekdays. Her goal at Point 5 is to provide more options for those wanting to make a different choicewithout having to resort to drinking a Shirley Temple.

Shelves inside a bottle shop.

Most of our time was spent ogling at the intricate label design of these “spirits.” | Photo by RICtoday

Photo by RICtoday

Point 5 sells many brands that mimic the look, taste, and mouthfeel of wine, gin, beer, rum + whiskey. In fact, vodka is the only alcohol that cannot be replicated in a non-alcoholic way. Neighboring these spirit sisters are a variety of mixers, including low-calorie additions to Bloody Marys or mojitos. Bonus: Editor Katie recommends Sovi, a canned sparkling rosé.

It also sells functional drinksbrewed through a similar process as kombucha — which have supposed health benefits for things like digestion, energy, or focus. There’s also cans of THC-infused sparkling water. Be sure to check out the shelves for locally-made cocktail, coupe + tumbler glasses as well.

Point 5 is holding an invite-only soft opening tonight, then will fully open this Friday. Jody hopes to eventually host tasting events at the in-store bar.

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