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Improvements coming to Kanawha Plaza

City will hold public meeting on May 22 to share proposed pedestrian improvements around the US-60 Downtown Expressway Gateway


Learn more about possible improvements at the public meeting.

Photo by RICtoday

The city’s Department of Public Works is eyeing improvements to the downtown area around Kanawha Plaza. While the project name is a bit of a mouthful — it’s officially called the US-60 Downtown Expressway Gateway Pedestrian Improvements Project — the ask of Richmonders is simple.

Attend a public meeting on Monday, May 22 from 5-7 p.m. at Main Street Station to discuss pedestrian infrastructure that might make it easier to access the plaza.

These improvements could include things like adding and widening sidewalks, enhancing crosswalks, adding pedestrian signals, and planting street trees. The city may also install a new traffic signal at South 7th and East Byrd Streets.

The general area includes South 9th Street, East Canal Street, South 7th Street, and East Byrd Street. DPW is including the project under the city’s Vision Zero commitment, which is a goal to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

The Kanawha Plaza was completed in 1980 and hosts several community events, including Unlocking RVA’s Brunch on the Plaza and the holiday tradition RVA Illuminates.

Want to provide comments? You can do so at the meeting or send your thoughts in an email by Monday, June 5.

Once the project documents are released, we’ll give readers more insight into the specifics of the plan. Stay tuned.