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Try This: Ride along for a day in the life of Woodfin’s expert electricians

Buckle up, because we took the iconic blue van to homes around Richmond and checked out everything from common electrical issues to a full generator installation.

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Woodfin is always hiring new talent.

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City Editor Robin here. This might be shocking, but I’m not an electrical expert. Luckily, I got some hands-on experience by seeing a day in the life of the electricians at Woodfin - Your Home Team.

I shadowed teams of electricians at a couple sites around the Richmond area.


Electricians can give expert recommendations and quotes for a variety of jobs.

Photo by RICtoday

What we tried:

From rerunning circuits at a home in Henrico to installing a generator system south of the river, I got a look at how the city is wired.

My day included watching electricians go in crawlspaces, climb ladders, run circuits, and solve problems on the ground. Electrician Tyler Kozlowski told me that’s common — in Richmond, most homes tend to have a lot of history, including unique wiring.

At each site, I got to witness the top-notch team that’s literally keeping the lights (and everything else) on.


Collaboration is an essential part of being a Woodfin electrician.

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What not to miss:

If you’re a homeowner, getting your electrical work checked is a must. Our first job of the day was for a broken circuit which revealed that wiring done during a remodel was not up to code. The team was able to identify the problem, workshop the solution, and implement a new system that morning.

At the next house, a larger group was installing a generator. For a homeowner, making power outage worries a thing of the past helps your peace of mind and saves you money in the long term.

Plus, watching the Woodfin team at work made it clear that everything would be installed efficiently + effectively.


An older house means updating wiring for new systems.

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What we’re still talking about:

Throughout the day, the strengths and skills of electrical work were clear. Having freedom to tackle jobs, problem solving on the day, and working with a team are all valuable aspects of the job.

Electrician Zach Beck told me that he values the ability to work until a job is complete without feeling rushed. When responding to service calls, electricians can see seven or eight houses a day. They are tasked with addressing issues and entrusted with the responsibility to give valuable recommendations to homeowners.

Your first thought when it comes to electrical work may not be “creativity,” but it could be. Tyler shared that he likes getting an insight into older homes, which can force electricians to be something like artists while they plot out not only how a system will work, but also how it will look.


The team works to get everything up to code.

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How you can experience this:

Join the team — Woodfin is always hiring new talent. During my day with the electricians, I talked to everyone from longtime employees to folks who joined the company six weeks ago. Bonus: Many highlighted the potential for upward mobility through certification and training.

If you’re a homeowner, see how Woodfin can give you peace of mind with your electrical needs.


Who says electrical work isn’t an art form?

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Things to know:

  • Experience: A day in the life with Woodfin’s team of expert electricians
  • Price: Prices vary
  • Website:
  • Address: 1823 N. Hamilton St.
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Available 24/7 for emergency services (fees apply)
  • Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube *
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