Rostov’s and Reviresco: A tale of two Richmond roasters

The history behind two local coffee favorites

A bag of coffee sits on a porch railing on a sunny day

Rostov’s sells coffee beans wholesale and by the half-pound. They’ll even grind it for you right in the store.

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Richmond is for coffee lovers. Besides its myriad great local shops, River City beans are some of the best around.

When we asked our readers for their favorite local coffee roasters, we received a wide array of answers, including Afterglow, Lamplighter, Blanchard’s, and Roastology. The vast majority of the responses we received, however, were for two roasters — Rostov’s and Reviresco.

Rostov’s has been a Richmond roasting staple for 45 years, and Reviresco is a relatively new arrival, but both have found their home in Richmond’s thriving coffee ecosystem.


The exterior of Rostovs Coffee and Tea shop. A sign outside the shop says “fall in love with our coffee”. The sun is hitting the building and casting a shadow of leaves against it.

Stop by Rostov’s for coffee and treats.

Photo by Pete Gillis

Rostov’s was founded in Richmond in 1979 when Jay Rostov opened the store as Carytown Coffee & Teas. At the time, according to Rostov’s daughter Tammy, there were no coffee shops in Richmond. Plenty of restaurants and diners sold coffee, she said, but nobody really focused on it.

Tammy Rostov set up an iced tea stand in front of the shop when she was a kid. In 1999, she took over, and renamed the store in honor of her late father.

Rostov’s still roasts its coffee right in the middle of the store, using a 1930s Jabez Burns roaster. You can pick up beans, teas, and brewing equipment — or order a drink from the coffee bar in the back of the shop.


A yellow and blue coffee shop

Reviresco has been open on Lafayette Street since summer 2023.

Photo by RICtoday

One of Richmond’s newest roasters, Reviresco is helmed by Steven and Melissa Dalton, two former teachers. The name comes from a Latin word meaning “to flourish again.”

The Daltons started roasting coffee in 2021 in a shared space in Lakeside, selling their beans online. Demand grew quickly, and soon Reviresco was looking for a space of its own. It found that space at 710 Lafayette St. near Malvern Gardens.

Since opening in July, the coffee shop has become a neighborhood favorite, and — as our inbox proved — its beans have become a Richmond staple.

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