5 iconic Richmond signs

Do you recognize these streetside landmarks in the River City?


Go west, young Richmonder — to this shopping center, built circa 1960.

Photo by RICtoday

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A few weeks ago, we asked readers what came to mind as the most iconic Richmond signs. As we bid farewell to the Arbys cowboy hat, here are five signs we love to pass by.

🌵 Westland Shopping Center

📍 8045 W. Broad St. | This towering neon cactus was built to represent just how far west shoppers would feel they had to travel to reach its stores around 1960. Reader Jennifer G. called it a “random and awesome” landmark to pass near Broad and Parham.


This historic sign shines above Downtown Richmond.

💡 Hotel John Marshall

📍 101 N. 5th St. | Now home to an apartment complex, the Hotel John Marshall once advertised itself as “The Finest Hotel in the South.” The recognizable signage was restored in 2011, with the old incandescent bulbs replaced by low-voltage LEDs to preserve its historic look.


This sign sits near the spice operations hub for Sauer Brands.

Photo by @ruby.carmela

🌶 Sauer’s Vanilla

📍 2000 W. Broad St. | The C.F. Sauer Company was founded in 1887 and moved its spice operations to its home on Broad in 1911. The incandescent sign is a rarity in the 21st century.


The Triple sign now points to tacos as well as billiards.

Photo by RICtoday

🎱 Triple Triangle

📍 3306 W. Broad St. | Although the building is now home to Don’t Look Back tacos, this neon sign dates back to when it housed the Triple billiards hall. Reader Bill S. told us “every time I see it, it makes me smile.”

An overhead view of the Interbake Foods building with the "Home of FFV Cookies and Crackers" sign

You can see the FFV sign from Broad Street.

🍪 FFV Cookies and Crackers

📍 900 Terminal Pl. | Around the 1930s, the Southern Biscuit Company changed its branding to Famous Foods of Virginia and added a distinctive sign and water tower which still sit atop the building. Get more on the history with our story.

Was your favorite sign left off the list? Give us a sign and maybe we’ll add five more.

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