Countdown the holiday season in Richmond with our December calendar

We’re giving you presents each day in the form of fun facts, events, and local shout-outs.

A line of row houses covered in snow.

Keep up with our December countdown to see what the month has in store.

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December is here and we’re celebrating with an interactive countdown calendar celebrating Richmond. Here’s the plan: We’ll send out the calendar each Monday so you can virtually unveil a weeks worth of gifts — from historical tidbits to ideas for how to spend your season in the 804.

Check back throughout the month as more gifts are revealed.

Thursday, Dec. 1 – Sunday, Dec. 4


Here’s Week 1 of our December countdown.

Graphic by RICtoday

Thursday, Dec. 1

Since it’s the first day of December, treat yourself to a look at our events calendar — fresh and updated with hundreds of local happenings. Stay tuned for even more recommendations.

Friday, Dec. 2

Set yourself up for weekend shopping success with our guide to holiday bazaars and craft fairs.

Saturday, Dec. 3

Here’s something sweet for your Saturday. Read about the history of the Famous Foods of Virginia cookie factory and get the story behind the signage that still looms over West Broad.

Sunday, Dec. 4

It’s City Editor Robin’s birthday — plus a number of celebrities including Jeff Bridges, Marisa Tomei, Tyra Banks, and Jay-Z. Speaking of Beyoncé's husband, we found this video of him greeting fans at VUU in 2008.

Monday, Dec. 5 - Sunday, Dec. 11


We hope you find this week’s gifts interesting, soulful, and maybe even inspiring.

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Monday, Dec. 5

Did you know? On this day in 1933, the 21st amendment was ratified, ending the national prohibition of alcohol. Cheers to history by checking out our list of local spots to grab a drink after work.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Take this James River fact to go. At 348 miles long, it would take the length of ~686 James Rivers to reach the moon.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

If you haven’t listened to the new EP from Petersburg soul artist Rodney Stith, put it on the queue. Our favorite track right now is “Something Is Wrong.” Bonus: You can still watch the Shockoe Sessions Live release concert, recorded at the Hippodrome.

Thursday, Dec. 8

Take a minute to listen to Richmond native Shirley MacLaine’s speech after accepting the Oscar for Best Actress at the 1984 awards. We still find it inspiring, 38 years later.

Friday, Dec. 9

The Nutcracker” opens tonight at the Carpenter Theatre with new sets and costumes. See behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage on the Richmond Ballet Instagram.

Saturday, Dec. 10

It’s Dewey Decimal System Day — and what better way to celebrate than by learning about all the resources available at the Richmond Public Library?

Sunday, Dec. 11

Here’s some love for you Sunday. Get to know the artist behind Richmond’s recognizable yarn love bombs.

Monday, Dec. 12 - Sunday, Dec. 18


Read more to find out the seasonal surprises in store this week.

Graphic by RICtoday

Monday, Dec. 12

If you find yourself wondering why your trip through Shockoe Slip is so bumpy, treat yourself to our piece on the history of ~those~ cobblestone streets.

Tuesday, Dec. 13

It’s National Cocoa Day. We know Sefton and Stir Crazy have hot chocolate on their menus.

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Ci-trust us — these ideas for oranges from @richmondfood will leave you inspired.

Thursday, Dec. 15

This is for the dedicated RIC readers — take this pack of festive phone backgrounds as a token of our appreciation. Click here to save the image you like.

Friday, Dec. 16

If you’re feeling fishy this Friday night, here’s our list of sushi superlatives for local spots.

Saturday, Dec. 17

Did you know? The Wurlitzer Organ at The Byrd Theatre is one of about 40 surviving instruments from the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company. It was installed when the theater was built in 1928.

Sunday, Dec. 18

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. The first congregation in Richmond, Kahal Kadosh Beth Shalome, was established in 1789 in the Sephardic tradition, and was just the sixth in the United States. Read about the history of Jewish communities in Richmond.

Monday, Dec. 19 - Sunday, Dec. 25


December is nearly done.

Graphic by RICtoday

Monday, Dec. 19

Whether you’re gearing up for a road trip and need a good read or are looking for a gift for a book worm in your life, our list of books by local authors will inspire you.

Tuesday, Dec. 20

We love poking around VCU Libraries Digital Collections. The “Rarely Seen Richmond” collection of postcards provides an interesting look into the early 20th century in our city — like this 1920s look at (Old) City Hall.

Wednesday, Dec. 21

Yule, a winter solstice festival with roots in ancient Norse celebrations, begins today. It lasts until January 1.

Thursday, Dec. 22

It’s the first day of winter, at least according to astronomers. The Science Museum posted a fun video about the different definitions of the season, according to scientists.

Friday, Dec. 23

Ever wonder how Broad Street got its name? Spoiler alert: It has to do with the fact that it was a really broad street. Gather some fun facts with our article on the history of Richmond street names.

Saturday, Dec. 24

This 1970s-era ad for Kings Dominion featuring Dick Van Dyke made City Editor Robin reminisce about childhood rides on Boo Boo’s Tree Swing.

Sunday, Dec. 25

Today is Christmas. RVA Weather Watch has an interesting visual representation of snowy holidays over the past 70 years.

Monday, Dec. 26 - Sunday, Jan. 1


Happy New Year, Richmond.

Graphic by RICtoday

Monday, Dec. 26

It’s the first day of Kwanzaa, a week of African American and pan-African celebration culminating in Karamu on Saturday, Dec. 31. The Capital City Kwanzaa Festival will take place on Friday, Dec. 30 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Tuesday, Dec. 27

Public art is all over the River City — and that includes poetry. You might have noticed the lines of @pressed_poetry around town. Check out the Instagram to see where the anonymous art can be found.

Wednesday, Dec. 28

Lights, camera, Richmond. Review our list of movies and TV shows filmed in the 804 before your next binge-watch.

Thursday, Dec. 29

Our community playlist on Spotify is the gift that keeps on giving. Feel free to add songs from local artists — or just ones that give you that River City vibe — or listen to what others have added.

Friday, Dec. 30

The new murals courtesy of the Street Art Festival will be one of our favorite 2022 memories to take into the new year.

Saturday, Dec. 31

It’s New Years Eve. If you’re looking for a party, local influencer @miss_elaine_neous has you covered.

Sunday, Jan. 1

Happy New Year, Richmond! What stories do you want us to cover in 2023? We’re resolved to grant reader wishes.

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